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Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe
Syosset, New York

During the Passover holidays, let's give thanks to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google.

"We're having a Seder and it's time for the bracha, 'cause I think I've invited the entire mishpacha!

Everyone is coming from near and far, even the old folks (who can still drive a car)!

So much to do-- A thorough Google search and a "zeisen Pesach" for you.

Here are the results of my Google search [April 15, 2005]:

no. of sites

10,700 Afikoman

6,940 An orange on the Seder plate

104,833 Books on Passover

343 Brittany Spears celebrates Passover

4,026 Catering for Passover

25,497 Cooking for Passover

349 Cholesterol count during Passover

ll,888 Costs of Passover

412 Dieting during Passover

107 Chametz Crisis Station

19,200 Charoset

507,000 Door for Elijah

775 Egg consumption during Passover

361 Getting rid of hametz

9 Goyim at the Seder table

57 Hag Kasher v'Sameach

8,350 Hametz

191 Hard vs. soft matzo balls debate

651 Harry Potter celebrates Passover

159 Kvetching about Passover

3,870 Lesbian Haggadah

560 Madonna celebrates Passover

18,496 Matzo

461 Matzo Brei

592 Matzo consumption

7,570 Manischewitz wine

57 Maxwell House Coffee Haggadah

2,530,000 Passover

6,580 Passover cookbooks

1,572 Passover for Dummies

17,924 Passover guests

23,600 Passover in Miami Beach

472 Passover in the Catskills

36,899 Passover Laws

16,642 Passover Plate

10,238 Passover Tours

343 Passover Song Parodies

4,947 Passover Trivia

50,000 Send in the Brisket

363,000 Ten plagues

32,284 The Four Questions on Passover

45 Viagra ruled Kosher for Passover

10,900 When the first Seder falls on Saturday night

786,052 Why is this night different from all other nights?

185,000 Women at the Seder

41 Zeisen Pesach 


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