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*The Yiddish word for a child's nursery is "kinder-tsimer"

Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe
Syosset, New York

The "yor" was 1993.  Bill Clinton was in the White House.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court.  U. S. agents blamed for the siege in Waco, TX. Toni Morrison wins Nobel Prize for litera- ture.  And we became grandparents to a little girl named "Amanda Eden."  "Der nomen" (the name) was given in honor of her great-grandmother, Adele Wolfe, who had recently passed away.

We began decorating "der kinder-tsimer" and found that experience to be one of the most enjoyable "heym" (home) improvement projects one can do.

First came the purchase of a "vig" (crib) and a "matrats" (mattress) with its anti-microbial layer on top.  "Der farkoyfer" (the salesman) said that this may help cut down on germs from spit-ups and diaper accidents. We learned "Es vet helfen via a toyten bankes" (It will help about as much as "cupping" can help a corpse.)

A carpet was chosen--one that provides softness for knees and hands as babies crawl  on "di padloge" (the floor).  Next, "roykh" (smoke) detectors, dresser, and original art work by "GG"  (Great Grandma), Jeanette Gottlieb.

Over the years, the shelves contained stuffed animals and several humorous books by Lois Wyse:

  "Funny You Don't Look Like a Grandmother"

  "Grandchildren Are So Much Fun I Should Have Had Them First"

  "You Wouldn't Believe What My Grandchild Did..." 
(This book was given to me by my "mitn" (middle) son, Jonathan and his wife, Jori. 
It was signed,  7/4/94
  Dear Mom & Dad,
  Is there room in the nursery for one more?

Nu, so what's the dilemma?  Our 4 grand- children now range in age from 13 - 16, and no one has made use of the crib in 11 years.  I'm in a state of indecision.  Should I dismantle "der kinder-tsimer" and convert is into a library/den/media room/ or sewing room?

The Yiddish word meaning "to hesitate" is "kvenklen zikh."  I'm hesitating because I have a 41-year-old son who is still "neet khasene gehat" (unmarried) and I don't want to jinx the situation.  I still have "der tsutroy" (the confidence) that there is a special young "dame" out there; he just hasn't found his soulmate or "bashert" (destined).

So, after giving it much gedank (thought), I've made a decision "nit" (not) to dismantle the "baby's room."  Instead, I'm giving my son a three-month subscription to JDate.

Who needs a sewing room anyway?  I'm not itching to be stitching!  If I stitch fast enough, does it count as aerobic exercise?

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