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*In Yiddish, "genug iz genug" means "enough is enough."
"Genug shoin" means "enough already."

"Enough is enough" is something you say in order to tell someone that you think what is happening should stop.

Ex. "Look, enough is enough. He's already borrowed $2,000."
Ex. "I told you before to turn down that CD player! It's giving me a ‘kopveytik' (headache). Genug iz genug!"
Ex.  Rep. John Culberson cried ‘Let's roll!' in the belief that shutting down "di regirung' (the government) was equivalent to resisting 911 terrorists. Genug iz genug! (suggested by Gail Collins)

Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic ("Dictionary of Jewish Words")
says that the expression, "genug es genug!" would be used as follows:
"When she got home from the Bar Mitzvah, she talked my head off and described every detail until I had to tell her ‘genug!'"

Rabbi Benjamin Blech ("The Complete Idiot's Guide To Learning Yiddish"), writes that "Genug iz ge'nug" are Words You Can't Do Without. Others include "Ikh veg tsu fil" (I weigh too much), and "Es ken zayn erger" (It could be worse).

In 2007, this headline appeared in World Net Daily:

Actress Kathy Griffin's rant at the Emmy awards in which she told Jesus to "suck it" had triggered a petition campaign intended to tell Hollywood, "Enough is Enough."

On Nov. 23, 2010, this headline appeared:


Lance Armstrong said, "There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, ‘Enough is enough.'"

Jacqueline Mendez-Diez said, "When I was a child and I'd be playing too roughly, my mother would come over to me and say one word: GENUG! (Her mother tongue was Yiddish.)

Dr. Dan Benishek [Benishek4Congress] wrote, "Enough is enough. Enough of the waste. Enough of the spending, Enough of the debt. Enough of the arrogance in Washington, D.C."

Jon Caramanica wrote ("Get Back and Just Let Her Grow Up"), "Enough already. Enough with the nose-in-the-air repudiations and the false moral panics. Enough of the finger pointing and the slut shaming.
Enough with the using of Miley Cyrus as a punching bag."

And there's a sad ("umetik") song performed by Donna Summer titled, "No More Tears (Enough is Enough)":

I've always dreamed to find the perfect lover, but he turns out to be like every other man our love (I had no choice from the start) our love (I've gotta listen to my heart) our love (tearing up apart).

Enough is enough is enough
I can't go on, I can't go on, no more
enough is enough is enough
I want him out, I want him out
that door now

And Leslea Newman ("Heather Has Two Mommies"), writes about growing up in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. She wrote, "No seder would ever be complete without my grandmother's famous matzo ball soup. I'd ask her how many carrots to put in, how much celery.

"Enough" was her stock reply. "But how do you know how much is enough?" I'd press her. "When you're old enough to know, you'll know" she'd say, adding a bissl salt.

"Enough Is Enough" (EIE) is an American non-profit organization whose stated purpose is to make the Internet safe for families and children. Founded in 1992 as part of the U. S. anti-pornography movement, it has shifted its focus in 1994 to confront online pornography, child pornography, child stalking, and sexual predation. Its president since 2002 has been Donna Rice Hughes. She received considerable attention as the "other woman" in the Gary Hart Monkey Business Affair.

MARJORIE GOTTLIEB WOLFE'S favorite quote by Billy Crystal:
"When you're 65, you're surprised by what now turns you on. You look at Dame Edna and think, ‘You know what, maybe.'" Her reply:"Genug iz genug."


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