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It is written in the Torah "And the writing was that of G-d's engraved (Haruth) upon the Tablets of Stone" (Exodus c32, v16). 
In Pirqei Aboth (Ethics of the Fathers) it is stated in connection with the above phrase: 
"Read not  'engraved' (Haruth) but 'freedom' (Heruth), 
for the only free man is one who occupies himself with the study of the Torah." 
Ahavat Israel
Calendar, Jewish
Ellis Island Database
Exodus 1947
Friday Light
Hillel International
Holocaust Names
InnerNet Magazine
Israeli Classified - Localista
Jewish Baseball
Jewish Brigade
Jewish Deaf Community
Jewish Directory
Jewish Film
Jewish Genealogy
Jewish History
Jewish Holidays
Jewish Humour
Jewish Internet
Jewish Law
Jewish Medicine
Jewish Motorcyclists
Jewish Music
Jewish Nutrition
Jewish Pen Pals
Jewish Recipes
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Jewish Stories
Jewish Theatre
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Jewish TV Network
Jewish Vegetarians
Jewish Women
Judaica Libraries
Judaism 101
Judaism Online
Kibbutzim in Israel
Kosher Everything
Nizkor Project
Project Genesis
Schmooze News
Sephardic Stuff
Stand With Us
Shiva Connection
Torah Study
The Chinese Jews
Yiddish Stuff
American Jewish Heroes and Heroines
Ancient Jewish History Archives
Andrew Tannenbaum's Jewish Resources
Ashkenazi Jews
Becoming Jewish
Communities of the Wrld
Contemporary Jewish History
Conversion to Judaism Home Page
Database of Holocaust Victims
Dormant Swiss Bank Accounts
Fighting Jew - Forgotten Hero Sam Dreben
Fun Sites for Jewish Children of all Ages
Golden Land Connections
Humor as a defense mechanism
Identity/Philosophy; Religion, Zionism
Israel Telephone Directory
Israeli History in a Nutshell
Jewish Agency for Israel
Jewish American Hall of Fame
Jewish Diabetes Associations
Jewish Federations of North America
Jewish Federation of Men's Clubs
Jewish Film, Communauté On Line
Jewish Foundation for the Rightous
Jewish Heritage - Online Magazine
Jewish Language Research
Jewish Renewal Communities
Joint Authority for Jewish Zionist Ed
Judaism 101
Menashe tribes (Bnei Menashe)
Middle East Information
Museums, Galleries and Collections
National Jewish Committee on Scouting
Professor Eliezer Segal's Home Page
Publications - Newspapers - Magazines
Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards
Seaboard Region Men's Clubs of JFMC
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Synagogue/Shul/Temple Information
tangential travel and Jewish Life 
Understanding Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
Uncle Eli Passover Haggadah for children
Voice of Australia's Jewish Community
Was Christopher Columbus Jewish
World Union of Jewish Students
Zionism, Israel and me
Jono David Media and HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library
Become Proficient at Davening to the New Sim Shalom Siddur
Morris "Moe" Berg - The Baseball Catcher and the Spy
Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me a Match
Jew or Not Jew
Search Jewish Cyberspace
Maven Shamash Jewish Electronic Greeting Cards


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Jewish Humor
Jewish Women
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All Things Jewish
The Steven Spielberg Film Archive
Schmooze News Kosher Recipes
Let's blame the Jews
World & the Jewish State
Israeli History in a Nutshell
Israel Small but Outstanding
Jewish Communities of the World
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