jewish kids fun sites
Uncle Eli's Haggadah, Created by Prof. Eliezer Segal
Jewish Girl Scout Committee
Chanukah Connect the Dots
Chicken Game
Daf Yomi 4 Kids
Eli's Mazah Ball Grabber Game
Sesame Shalom Games
Shabbat Fun for Kids
The Hannakah House
The Jewish Children's Learning Network
Torah Tots
Eli and Ohr
Getting Ready for Shabbos
Gimple Tells a Story
Shabbos Treats That Grew
The Shalom Zachar
Yossie's Special Shabbos
revised 16 Nov 2013
Never Again
Jewish Humor
Jewish Women
Jewish Publications
All Things Jewish
The Steven Spielberg Film Archive
Schmooze News Kosher Recipes
Let's blame the Jews
World & the Jewish State
Israeli History in a Nutshell
Israel Small but Outstanding
Jewish Communities of the World
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