harry diamond's memoir

Can You Get My Name in the Papers?

by Harry Diamond

Your fly's open, Prime Minister
My dad was an Alien
I nearly become a Russian
Crime Reporter
The Idiot who cut Harben's Recipe
Doctor in the Gorbals
The Gas Man Cometh
I only promoted the Sausages
No time for Jewish Funerals
The Toughest Job in Scotland
You're Bonkers Diamond
Back to the Fold
The Exodus Sails Again
The Sculptor Who Neffer Heard of Me
I'm Sued for £7 Million
California Here We Come
The Ambassadors
Treasure Hunt
Publish and be Damned
It ain't what you do
The Doodle that went Round the World
A Call from the Desert
After the Garden Festival
Cultural Capital of Europe
Michael has a Taste of War
Death of a Newspaper
Flashman Author Comes to Erskine
John Starts a Bust-Up
Crazy Horse and Queen Kong
Can you Get My Name in the Papers?