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Thursday 20 Nisan 5775 - April 9, 2015
Special Yom HaShoah Article
In deference to the seriousness of Yom HaShoah, following is a pre-published article I wrote in tribute to ice hockey player Evan Kaufmann, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, who currently plays pro hockey in Germany, and is even a member of Team Germany.

Evan Kaufmann Rap by David Nachenberg (copyright Dec. 2012)

Evan Kaufmann's fulfillin' every hockey player's dream,
And that's to be a star on their team.
His grandfather survived the Shoah and moved to the United States.
As a youth hockey player, Evan was first rate.
He continued playing hockey while he was in college,
And accumulated vast amounts of knowledge.
At reading the defense, he is astute.
He can skate, check, pass and shoot.
Kaufmann's very tough and plays with soul.
He proves it each time he scores a goal.
With his skill, desire and luck,
He skates up the ice, controlling the puck.
And you hear the audience's roar
As it sails in the net and he scores!
And just like me, and just like you,
Evan Kaufmann is proud to be a Jew.
But now y'all listen to me--
He also plays for Team Germany.
This is proof that finally, at last,
Germany's tryin' to make up for its past.
Kaufmann proves to the World each time he scores
That we're still here and stronger than before.

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