jewish shanghai
A Buffalonian's Journey to Jewish Shanghai
A Chinese Chanuka
A New Home for the Journals of Fred Marcus
Babylonian Jewry living in Shanghai
Being Jewish in China: Scenes From a Shanghai Bat Mitzvah
Chiune Sugihara's "Strange Conspiracy of Goodness"
Exploring Jewish History in China
Far East Jewish Conference (China)
Feng Shan Ho
From Shanghai to Israel: a Jewish Refugee Looks Back
From Vienna to Shanghai 
Flight to Shanghai, 1938-1940: The Larger Setting
Former Jews of China: Return to Harbin
Ghosts of Shanghai
Hillary Rodham Clinton visited a 78-year-old Synagogue in Shanghai
Jew collects old memories in Shanghai
Jewish cafe reopens in Shanghai
Jewish Community of Shanghai Home Page
Jews in Shanghai: The story of survival
Jews of Old Shanghai
Kosher in land of Peking Duck
Lifeboat On the Sea: The Story of the Shanghai Jews
92-year-old Jewish refugee returns to Shanghai
Ohel Rachel Synagogue
Postscript About Visas to Shanghai

Seder in Shanghai
Reviving Jewish life in China
Shanghai - Chabad of Pudong
Shanghai Connection
Shanghai family looks for Jewish owner for 2,000 books (Video)
Shanghai Jewish Center - Chabad
Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum
Shanghais Jews: Art, Architecture and Survival (Video)
Shanghai Jews as seen by Chinese
Shanghai surprise: another Jewish coup
Shanghai Tour of Jewish History
Strange Haven: A Jewish Childhood in Wartime Shanghai
Subway/Underground Map
The First Wave of Jewish Migration to Shanghai (1843-1920)
The House of Rachel
The Jewish Community of Harbin, China
The Jews in Shanghai
The Jews in Shanghai and Hong Kong - A History (Video)
The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu
The Mirrer Yeshiva's Escape From Europe
The Port of Last Resort
The Sassoon Family
The Story of Feng Shan Ho
US-China summit vital to Israeli security
Visit by Chinese scholar sparks Jewish memories
When "Shanghai" Was Yiddish for "life"

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