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How to be an Effective FAN* at Redskins Games at FedExField
*Fan is an abbreviation for Fanatic, so be one!

History of the Redskins FANS/Fanatic
At RFK Stadium, Redskin fanatics, were extremely noisy with only about 53,000 fans on hand for games and was know throughout the league as one of the loudest stadiums to play in.  FedExField holds 91,000 fans, with about 2,000 opposing team fans on hand for most games.  If we the fans got to the noise output of the RFK fans, the sound could be heard all the way the DC.

When the opposing offense is on the field you should

When the Redskins Offense is on the field you should Legal Fan Noise making Equipment
Buy a beverage in a bottle, drink it quickly and then insert loose change into the bottle. Shake vigorously when you want to make a lot of noise.

Actually, Harry, you have to start by requesting that people get to the game on time and also get back to their seats by the start of the second half. And also convince the inhabitants of the club level (yes, I am a member) that its actually OK to watch the game from the seating bowl, and not just from the comfy chairs within the concourse

One more thing:

If you cannot attend the game, make sure your tickets go to Redskins Fans. I can't stand those bums that sell their tickets on E-Bay. Give up your seats to real fans on the waiting list. Of course, I am probably preaching to the choir in here.

Another point....be at least tolerant of fans from other teams who are attending, lest we be confused with Eagle fans.

A little class never hurts.

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