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Fiji Islands

GP 797,000 ~ JP 40

History and Community

Nearly all Jews in Fiji live in Suva, the capital. Jewish settlement in Fiji can be traced back to the arrival from Australia of 20-year-old Henry Marks in 1881. Marks laid the foundation of what became one of the most extensive commercial enterprises in the Western Pacific. Marks was later joined by Jews from India and elsewhere in the Middle East and the Orient. Until very recently, there was no organized Jewish life. However, this changed with the creation of a communal organization called the Fiji Jewish Association. Religious life has been confined to a communal seder organized by the Israeli embassy and attended by 50 to 60 people.


Israel and Fiji enjoy full diplomatic relations. The Israeli ambassador in Canberra, Australia, represents Israeli interests in Fiji.

Fiji Jewish Association
Carpenter Street, P.O. Box 882 GPO, Suva
Tel. 679 387 980, Fax. 679 387 946

Embassy Joske Street. 69 Parade Building, P.O. Box 15249, Suva Tel. 679 303 420, Fax. 679 300 415

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