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Tahitian Jews make do on their island paradise
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Tahiti Synagogue
121196 Temple Dorette Assael,
    Rue Moerenhaut, Papeet; (689) 43 71 56











1822-1866 ALEXANDER SALMON (England-Tahiti)

While on a trip to the south seas, he met and fell in love with the beautiful 20 year old princess of the Teva clan, Princess Arrioehau. According to Tahitian law it was illegal to marry a foreigner. Queen Pomare IV abrogated the law by royal decree for 3 days by which time Salmon was given the title Ariitaimai and they married. Their daughter was the last queen of the Island and their son befriended Robert Louis. He became a spokesman for the islanders and his memoirs were published by the historian, Henry Adams.

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