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c - conservative
h - humunistic
i or u - unaffiliated
o - orthodox
p - progressive
r - reform
rc - reconstructionist
ren - renewal
s - sephardic
t - traditional
  Abandoned Jewish Cemeteries
AJGS Cemetery Project
American Jewish Committee Survey of Slovakia
Bratislava / Pressburg / Pozsony
Chabad of Central Slovakia - o
Czechoslovakia Jews finally get Holocaust reparation checks
Giraltovce (Giralt), Slovakia
History of the Jews in Slovakia
Institute of Jewish Studies
Jewish Community of Nove Zamky, Slovakia
Jewish Heritage In Slovakia
Jewish History of Slovakia
Jewish Museum Presov
Jews in Slovakia
Kosice / Koszyce / Kashoi / Kassa
Lipany, Slovakia
Lipany, Slovakia - Jewish Cemetery
Museum of Jewish Culture Bratislava
Museum of the Jewish Culture in Slovakia
1956: A Tale of Two Crises
Paintings Discovered in Slovak Synagogue
Presov Synagogue
Slovak Jewish Heritage
Slovak Jewish Heritage Tour
Slovak rescuer Michal Majercik
Slovakia to establish compensation panel
Stropkov (Sztropko), Slovakia
Synagogues of Slovakia
The Czechoslovak Union of Jewish Youth
The Jewish Community of Komárno
The Jewish Community of Slovakia
The Virtual Jewish History Tour
Uhersky Brod
Writer recalls shattered life as hidden child
Early Jewish Immigrants in America from the Czech Historic Lands and Slovakia
N.J. native left home to become chief rabbi to 400 Slovak Jews
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