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Shaangare Shalom
A credible account of Jamaican Jewish history
A Time Line of Jewish Jamaica
AJHS Manuscript Catalog
Beaches and Reggae and Jews
History of the Jews of the Caribbean
History of the Jews in Jamaica
Jamaican Jews
Jamaica—The Russian Ukase
Jewish Cemetery at Hunt's Bay
Jewish Heritage Report

Jewish History Tour of Jamaica
Jewish Jamaican Emancipation
Passover, Purim, pirates: Jewish Jamaica revisited
The Jamaican People
The Jews in Jamaica
The Melhado family in Jamaica
The Russian Ukase
Tombstone Inscriptions 1663 - 1880
21 Jewish Cemeteries on the Island
Jamaica Synagogue Ruins & Jewish Cemetery to be Protected, Rebuilt
Out Of Many Cultures: The People Who Became The Jews In Jamaica
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Jewish Humor
Jewish Women
All Things Jewish
Jewish Publications
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