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  Babylonian Exile in Jewish History
Babylonian Jewish Center
Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center
Babylonian Talmud
Ben Ish Chai
Full Circle: Escape from Baghdad and the return
Help on the way for Iraq's fragile Jewish community 
Iraqi Jewish Archive
Iraqi Jews
Iraqi Jews that left during the 1960's and 1970's
Kahal Joseph Congregation
Midrash Ben Ish Hai
Rabbenu Hakham Ribbi Yoseph Hayyim 'a"h
Report tells story of Arab abuses against Jews in 1948
Saul Silas Fathi - Escape From Baghdad and the Return
Talmud Bavli
The Final Days in Babylon
The Jewish Community of Baghdad
The Jews of Iraq
The Journal Of Babylonian Jewry
The Old Jewish Quarter of Baghdad 
Tzom Gedaliah
Iraq's only rabbi the glue that keeps tiny Jewish community together
The US archivist who saved the history of Iraq's Jews
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Jewish Women
All Things Jewish
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