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A Short History of The Exodus Of Jews From Egypt
Association Internationale Nebi Daniel
Bassatine News
Cairo's Jewish Community Stages Palace Revolt
Children of the Nile
The Ben Ezra Synagogue, Cairo Egypt
Egyptian Jewish Identities
Dinur Center
Historical Society of Jews from Egypt
l'Association des Juifs Originaires d'Egypte
Internation Association of Jews from Egypt
Jews, almost extinct in Egyptian city Alexandria
Jews of Egypt
Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Egypt
Sephardic Genealogy
Tell el-Yahudiya
The 20th century exodus of Jews from Egypt
The City Of The Dead
The Cultural Heritage of the Jews from Egypt
The Dispersion of Egyptian Jewry
The Gabbai Family
The first bulletin of the A.Z.A. organization in Egypt
The Jews from Egypt and Peace
The Jews of Ancient Egypt
The Jews of Egypt
The Karaite Jews of America
Jewish Humor
Jewish Women
All Things Jewish
Jewish Publications
Israeli History in a Nutshell
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