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  Name : Mikvah - Bogota
Address :    Calle 79 n. 9-66 
City : Bogota 
Country :   Colombia 
Phone :   562 629 
Institution : Mikveh
Name :  Mikvah c/o Comunidad Judia de Cali 
Address :    POB 8918
City :    Cali 
Country :   Colombia 
Phone :   601 930 
Institution :   Mikveh 
Rabbi Pinjas Aloof 
  Casa Lubavitch-Baranquilla 
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Rabbi Yossi Liberow 
tel: 57-5-358-5268 fax: 57-5-355-23-87 
CRA. 57 # 79 -304 
Barranquilla, COLOMBIA 
Orthodox Chassidic Chabad Lubavitch
Casa Lubavitch-Bogota 
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Rabbi Yehoshua Rosenfeld 
tel: 57-1-635-8251 fax: 57-1-635-4065 
Calle 94 #9-52 
Orthodox Chassidic Chabad Lubavitch
  Embassy of Israel, Bogota The Marranos
    Guía de cashrut de Colombia

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