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  Beth Israel Congregation
Beth Shalom Congregation, Edmonton
Calgary - Akiva Academy
Calgary - Jewish Family Service
Calgary & Southern Alberta
Chabad Lubavitch of Edmonton
Congregation House of Jacob-mikveh Israel
Calgary - Beth Tzedec Congregation
Camp B'nai Brith-Pine Lake, Alberta
Camp B. B. - Riback
CJC List of Synagogues in Alberta
Dr. Nurit Reshef
Edmonton Talmud Torah School
Eliezer Segal's Home Page
Hillel at the University of Alberta
Jewish Archives and Historical Society of Edmonton
Jewish Genealogical Society
Jewish Grave Search
Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta
Jewish Virtual Library - Alberta
Keeping Kosher in Calgary
Kollel Tiferes Yakov Moshe of Edmonton
The Calgary Jewish Academy
c - conservative
h - humunistic
i or u - unaffiliated
o - orthodox
p - progressive
r - reform
rc - reconstructionist
ren - renewal
s - sephardic
t - traditional
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